Planning Board & ZBA

The Alfred Village Planning Board is a seven-member (plus one alternate) mayor- appointed board. Each member serves for a seven-year renewable term and must attend a State-mandated, fee-paid, four-hour training workshop each year. Regular meetings are held in the Village Hall on the first Thursday of each month.

The Alfred Village Planning Board reviews and approves the Site Development Plan for exterior improvements to or uses of the residences and business structures in the Village, including oversight of the Village Historic District. Projects may also include signage, demolition, or special uses, such as: fencing, swimming pools, home occupations, congregate housing, large dwelling reuse.

A conference, without cost to the owner, is available to discuss the proposed improvements. At that time, any changes to the project needed to bring it into compliance with local law will be suggested, before an application is formally submitted. If the project is outside the scope of the Village Zoning Code and is denied approval, the owner may request a variance by applying to the Zoning Board of Appeals for a decision.

All application forms, with procedures for filing them, are available on the Village website, and in the lobby of the Village Clerk’s office. Also, a helpful, cost-free booklet– “Questions and Answers About Permits, Planning and Zoning” — can be obtained from the forms rack.

Village Planning Board

  • Chair - Liz Cronin
  • Board Member - Sherman Clarke
  • Board Member - Pat LaCourse
  • Board Member - Karrie Edwards
  • Board Member - Michael Sherman
  • Board Member - Joan Bowden
  • Alternate Board Member - Kyla Thompson


Zoning Board of Appeals

  • Chair - Larry Greil
  • Board Member - Herb Ehrig
  • Board Member - Drew McInnes
  • Board Member - Catherine Powers