Village Marijuana/ Business Survey


This decision must be made by December 31, 2021. The Village Board requests input from Village residents regarding whether to allow marijuana retail dispensaries and/or on-site consumption locations in the Village of Alfred. A decision to prohibit retail dispensaries will eliminate the possibility of sales tax revenue from marijuana sales in the Town and Village. Remember, while the Town and Village can limit marijuana-related businesses, it cannot prohibit the possession or use of marijuana. As the Village Board works toward a decision regarding recreational marijuana-related businesses within the Village of Alfred, it is important to hear from our residents, as there are strong, valid arguments on both sides of the debate. The Village intends to seek input in various ways, including a public comment session on November 9th where residents can voice their opinions directly. In the meantime, please share your opinion on allowing retail marijuana dispensaries and/or on-site consumption locations in the Village of Alfred by answering the following questions. Input is anonymous unless you choose to include your name in the comments.

This survey will be open until the Public Comment Session on November 9th.