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Parking Meter Update

NEW Parking System Set to Begin in Alfred. A grace period of the next two weeks with only courtesy ticketing.

The new parking system is placed in the Village of Alfred and ready to go. For the next two weeks, we will ease into the new parking system. If a car is parked in a legal parking space within the village and the parking fee has not been paid through the ParkMobile App, “a courtesy ticket,” reminding the vehicle owner will be left on the car. For the two weeks, March 15-/April 1, 2021, no parking violation fees will be charged—just the courtesy ticket to remind people to download and use the free app or to telephone in your parking payment.

As of April 2nd, the new parking procedures and fees will be enforced. The fine for a parking ticket is $20.

Thank you for your comments and concerns as we make this transition to solidify fair access for all who live, work, or do business in the Village to on-street parking. The committee heard your concerns. We continue to develop the village's parking plan, considering the issues of equity of access, care for adjusting to different payment methods, and establishment and preservation of a few spaces for brief errands that almost all of us run in the center of the Village. We have spent over a year working on this plan.

One accomplishment/accommodation we have worked out with your help is the notion of being able to “buy” fractions of hours. Please see below. We are still trying to work out how to accommodate, if we can fairly, seniors and people employed in the businesses in Alfred. A solution, once we have devised it, will make a change in the Village parking law. This all entails board action.

Buying Time: the process requires you to download the ParkMobile App (Free Download) and follow the initial instructions to set up your account. After this is completed, you will only have to insert your parking location using the zone number on the Black and Green Signs. Then enter the amount of time you want to park. (Please see options below). This account connection will provide ParkMobile with your license plate number. And, you are good to go, er, uh, stay for you allotted time to park.

Time may be purchased in the following increments:

60 Minutes = $1.25
36 Minutes = 75 cents
24 Additional Minutes = 50 cents

All of these times allow parking in the same spot for up to three (3) hours. Drivers are required to pay for parking from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM on weekdays.

During any of the free parking times, if you tap into ParkMobile to try to pay, the app will remind you that parking is FREE in the following time/day slots:

On the Weekends
National Holidays
Over the Holiday break from December to January (specific dates will be announced)
Over the summer (specific dates will be announced) Also, some events in the summer may require parking enforcement. Those dates will be noted in advance.

The Village Board is still working on ways to limit someone parking long-term on North Main Street. The Village Board is also considering options for senior parking, which would require a Board-approved change in the parking law.

The Parking Committee recognizes that adjusting to change has some challenges. We are glad to help by working through questions. Feel free to contact, with questions, concerns, or problems:

Jim Ninos @ 607 661 9781
Paul Griffith- Alfred Police Chief
Peter McClain- Deputy Mayor -
Becky Prophet Mayor -

Thank you.