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Alfred Village Planning Board Meeting

Alfred Village Planning Board Meeting
March 4, 2021 @ 7:30PM
Alfred Village Hall
and Via Zoom #925 0837 9074 PWD: 749904

Minutes to be taken by  Sherman Clarke

  1. Approval of the minutes of the February 2021 meeting
  2. Application 21-005 Preliminary Site Plan Zoning District R-2
    • 148-150 North Main St
    • Replace Facilities Motor Pool by demolishing 150 and the current Motor Pool
  3. Proposed Zoning Changes
    • A. Additional Use Permit for an Owner-Occupied Two-Family Exemption
    • B. Convert the properties at 60 -53 N. Main St. From R3 to B2, add to the Overlay Zone
    • C. Corner of W. University and N. Main Convert from R2 to a Civic District
    • D. Extend E1 behind 138-160 N. Main St. AU Bump Out will be E1
    • E. Unnumbered property
  4. Annual Training Opportunity Southern Tier West Synopsis of courses completed
  5. Public Comment – limited to three (3) minutes per speaker on a given topic. Items brought to the Board during this time will be taken under consideration for future response or action. The total time all over to this portion agenda is fifteen (15) minutes.
  6. Other Business:
    • a. CEO report
    • b. Trustee report
    • c. Other Matters

Next Meeting April 8, 2021