Alfred Police Department

The principal mission of the Alfred Police Department is to preserve the rights of citizens and reduce fear in the community. This is accomplished through the prevention of crime by the protection of persons and property, and by the maintenance of order in public places. The Alfred Police Department anticipates and responds to events that threaten lives, property and public order.

It is essential all members remember that in the execution of their duties they act not for themselves but for the good of the public. They shall respect and protect the rights of the individuals and perform their services with honesty, zeal, courage, discretion, fidelity, and sound judgment.

Police officers must seek and preserve public confidence by demonstrating impartial service to law, and by offering service and trust to all members of the public.

It is the expressed policy of this department that police officers will use force only when the exercise of persuasion, advice and warning is found to be insufficient to obtain public cooperation to an extent necessary upon any particular occasion for achieving a police objective.

Contact Information

Address Emergency Non-Emergency Administration Website
7 West University Street
Alfred NY 14802
911 607-587-8877 607-587-8878


Neighborhood Concerns Report Form

If there is a matter of concern occurring in your neighborhood that could be addressed by the villages Police Department, Public Works Department, the Code Enforcement Office, or the Student Affairs offices on either of our campuses, please supply the information on the report form here. It will go to the Alfred Police Department for routing to the most appropriate recipient. Do NOT use this form in the event of an emergency.

About our Patch

In 1993, William "Scotty" MacCrea (a local artist, retired art teacher and Village Justice) was charged with designing a new patch for the department. After submitting several different designs, retired Chief of Police Randal Belmont and the members of the department at the time, all agreed on the current design. We are often asked to explain the significance of the patch and felt that it was appropriate to include an explaination in our web site.

Police Officers

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Bike Patrol

In 1996, in an effort to better serve the community, the Alfred Police Department implemented a bicycle patrol. The objective of the bicycle patrol is twofold: to enhance the image and resources of the police department through increased accessibility of the officer to the public, and to reduce crime by enforcing laws through proactive policing.

Alfred Police Benevolent Association

The Alfred Police Benevolent Association (PBA) is comprised of Alfred police officers and is a nonprofit, philanthropic organization, which serves the Alfred community and the special interests of its members. Though the PBA members do belong to the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) and Council 82 Labor Union, the two are separate entities.

Local Laws

The Village of Alfred has many unique laws and ordinances that new residents may not be familiar with. The local laws are spirited to promote all residents to be good neighbors. Below is a list of some of these laws and the penalty each carries. For more information or a copy of the Village laws stop by the police department or the Village Clerk office during normal business hours.

Megan's Law

The parents of seven-year-old Megan Kanka of Hamilton township in New Jersey did not know that a twice convicted sex offender was living across the street until that neighbor was charged with the brutal rape and murder of their daughter. The crime, occurring only months after a similar incident in Monmouth County. It prompted passage of state laws requiring notification about sex offenders who may pose a risk to the community.

Home Safety Tips

Burglaries are not only one of the most common crimes, but they are also one of the most preventable. Burglars will not target a home if they believe someone is there. That is why burglars prey upon residences that look unoccupied. Police call these "targets of opportunity"--homes virtually signaling themselves as ripe for burglary.

Safety on Campus

Safety on campus should not be overlooked. Despite what you may think, college campuses often attract crime. No need to worry, though. We'll tell you what you need to know to keep safe and avoid being the victim of crime.

Safety Links

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