Local Laws

The Village of Alfred has many unique laws and ordinances that new residents may not be familiar with.  The local laws are spirited to promote all residents to be good neighbors.  Below is a list of some of these laws and the penalty each carries.  For more information or a copy of the Village laws stop by the police department or the Village Clerk's office during normal business hours.


  • Money is required in the parking meters weekdays, 9am - 11am & 1pm - 5pm. Money is not required weekdays 11am - 1pm, Sat & Sun, and holidays.  Meter violations - $7 fine
  • No parking on the front or side lawn of any residence with in the B1, B2, R2, R3 zoning districts- $20 fine                                                Visit: http://www.alfredny.org/zcode
  • No parking on Village streets and Town roads from 2am - 6am, Nov 1 thru May 1 - $20 fine
  • Parking in a private parking lot - $30 fine

Local Laws

  • Open Container - no person shall possess an open container of or consume an alcoholic beverage on any public lands within the Village and Town of Alfred - $100 minimum fine
  • Social Host - no person having control of any residence shall allow an open house party to take place at said residence if such person knows or has reason to know that any alcoholic beverage or drug is being unlawfully posessed, served to or consumed by a minor at said residence - $250 to $500 fine or 15 days imprisonment.
  • Rubbish Law - garbage cans shall not be placed at the curb or roadside prior to 3 pm the Monday preceding pickup. - empty containers shall be removed from curb or roadside no later than 12pm on the Wednesday following pickup - all garbage cans shall have the owners name, house number and apartment number paintedon them. - $25 to $250 fine
  • Disturbing the peace - No person(s) shall: use obscene or abusive language or gesture in a public place -  congregate with other other persons in a public place and refuse to comply with a lawful order of the police to disperse - obstruct pedestrian or vehicular traffic - $150 to $500 fine.
  • Noise Law - No person shall operate or permit to be operated any mechanical or electronic device for the production or amplification of sound in such a way that it produces unnecessary noise. - $150 to $500 fine
  • Fire Law - No person shall kindle or maintain an outdoor fire within the boundaries of the Village of Alfred unless it is an approved conatiner (outdoor fireplace, metal or clay chimnea, manufactured metal fire pit with a mesh cover). - $50 to $250 fine.
  • "Cushy Furniture" and Outdoor Storage Law - the storage of upholstered furniture (not manufactured for outdoor use) in outside areas is prohibited.  Outside areas include rooftops, yards, unenclosed porches, decks, patios, and balconies visible from the street.  Storage of indoor items and construction materials in outdoor areas is prohibited. - $50 - $250 fine 

Skateboards, Inline Skates, Bicycles

  • No/inadequate lights and/or reflectors on bicycle (NYS vehicle & traffic law)
  • Skating at night without reflective clothing (NYS vehicle & traffic law)
  • Failure for bicycles & inline skates to use bicycle lane/keep right (NYS vehicle & traffic law)
  • Disturbing the Peace - No person(s) obstruct vehicular traffic - fine $150 to $500