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There are two major types of permits that are typically required for building projects within the Village of Alfred: Building Permits and Zoning Compliance Permits. Some projects may also require a Fence Permit (see Zoning Code 302.00 A), a Swimming Pool Permit (Section 302.00 B), and/or a Sign Permit (Section 305). Many projects within the Village require Site Development Plan Review in addition to a Zoning Compliance Permit.

The Village of Alfred is divided into several zoning districts. Different rules apply in different zoning districts. Article 1 of the Zoning Code describes height, lot area, setback, and other requirements for each zoning district (Article 2, Sections 200 through 206). You need a Building Permit for most new construction and for structural changes to the interior or exterior of an existing building. You do not need a building permit to make repairs to a house or other building, construct a storage shed or other small outbuilding.

A Zoning Compliance Permit is required for:

1. The construction of new buildings
2. Exterior changes to an existing structure.
3. A fence greater than four feet in height
4. An outdoor swimming pool
5. To change the use of any land or structure
6. To add a use to any land or structure. For example, if you wish to start a business in a building that is not currently being used for business purposes, a Zoning Compliance Permit is required.
7. Any Special Permit Uses listed in the Zoning Code. Regulations concerning Special Permit Uses can be found in Section 302 of the Zoning Code.

You do not need a Zoning Compliance Permit for interior changes only or routine maintenance. For example, you do not need a Zoning Compliance Permit to paint your house, repair your steps, or to replace your roof or siding. Other rules apply within the Historic District.


Permit Applications

Be sure to read the Permit Application Process prior to completing and submitting your permit(s) to the Village Clerk.

Building Permit
To ensure compliance to the building code, a New York State code designed to guarantee the safety of buildings. Ensuring compliance with the building code is the responsibility of the Codes Enforcement Officer (587-9139).

Sign Permit
Sign Permit Application must be submitted for a Site Development Plan Review and Planning Board approval.

General Permit Application
Preliminary Site Development Plan Approval. required for an exterior change or new construction in the Historic District


Application for any of the following:

1. Preliminary Site Development Plan Approval (no fee). required for an exterior change or new construction in the Historic District, any new construction of any structure other than a single family dwelling in the Village of Alfred, whether or not it is in the Historic District and for any proposed exterior change to any structure other than a single family residence, construction of any signs in the B1, B2, B3, R-D, or Historical Districts as well as for any sign in the E1 District clearly visible from the Historic District. Site Development Plan Review is not required for changes that affect only the interior of a structure, routine maintenance and repair or for landscaping or re-grading in connection with a land use that would not otherwise require Site Development Plan Review. (see Article 6 of the Zoning Code).

2. Site Development Plan Application Final Approval

3. Zoning Compliance Permit – to ensure compliance with the local Zoning Code of the Village of Alfred, required for the construction of new buildings or exterior changes to an existing structure. The purpose of the Zoning Code is to ensure that land use conforms to policies established by the Village of Alfred. Oversight of the enforcement of the Zoning Code is the responsibility of the Village of Alfred Planning Board. In matters concerning land use, the Codes Enforcement Officer acts as an agent of the Planning Board. The Planning Board is not involved in the enforcement of the building code.

4. Special Use Permit (Section 302 of the Zoning Code)

5. Demolition Permit – Removal of a building or accessory structure such as a barn requires a Demolition Permit. Removal of a shed does not require a Demolition Permit.



According to the Village of Alfred Zoning Code, the fine for failure to obtain a required permit before undertaking an action can be as high as $250.00 per day until the permit is granted.