About our Patch

In 1993, William "Scotty" MacCrea (a local artist, retired art teacher and Village Justice) was charged with designing a new patch for the department. After submitting several different designs, retired Chief of Police Randal Belmont and the members of the department at the time, all agreed on the current design.  We are often asked to explain the significance of the patch and felt that it was appropriate to include an explaination in our web site.

The shape of the patch is that of a shield, it represents a protector of the people like the knights in medieval times.  The purple and blue colors of the patch represent the school colors of the two colleges in the Village.  The purple being the school color of Alfred University and the blue being the school color of Alfred State College.  

King Alfred: Upper Left
The ruler for which Alfred was named.  He has the reputation of being a great warrior as well as a social reformer who built towns and promoted education by starting schools and translating texts from Latin. He is considered the first King of England.

Bells: Upper Right
The three bells represent the three sources of bells that can be heard daily throughout the Village.  They are the bell tower on the Village Hall, the bell tower on the Alfred State College campus and the carillon located on the Alfred University campus. 

Ceramic Kiln: Lower Left
This represents the ceramic kilns that have played a large part in Alfred's history from the early production of  terra cotta  to the current ceramic engineering and art programs offered at the New York State School of Ceramics at Alfred University.

Greek Revival Architecture: Lower Right
This represents the Greek Revival Architecture which prevalent in the building designs throughout the Village.