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  Statue of King AlfredWelcome to an historic village that joins its commitment to hospitality alongside its love of education. Named after medieval England's King Alfred, Alfredians offer the following pages for the convenience of residents, visitors, students, and business people.

Notice of Public Hearing
The Village Planning Board will hold a Public Hearing regarding an application for a Bed-and-Breakfast at 56 West University St. October 2, 2014 at 7:00 p.m., in the Village Hall at 7 West University St., Alfred, New York.

Hot Dog Day Study
Better options for Hot Dog Day, both the family oriented carnival and the subequent events that happen afterward, are under consideration by a committee created by the Alfred Village Board. How can the family carnival with charity and community at the heart of the effort be preserved, while ending risky behaviors elsewhere in the village? The committee invites all persons who wish, to submit written comments that propose solutions to this dilemma. Please submit written comments to Becky Prophet, Brad Bowden, Joe Dosch, Christel Rodd, or Paul Weaver or leave them with the Village Clerk, Kathy Koegel, in the Village Office. Comments must be given on paper, with the signature of the person submitting. Deadline for receipt of the comments is Oct. 1. Questions? Contact Becky Prophet at 72 S. Main Street, Alfred or Brad Bowden at 53 Sayles Street, Alfred.

Monthly Events
  1. First Thursday: Village Planning Board Meeting
  2. Second Tuesday: Village Board Meeting

For times and locations for these meetings and other Village activities, consult the Village Calendar of Events.

Upcoming Events

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